Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22 November 2019 Preview: Alisha confesses that she got married to Vikrant


In the last episode we saw that Guddan finds out that the note written by the bride. She sees that the sorry is written the same way that Alisha does. At the mandap, Daadi asks for a family photo, but Alisha doesn’t show her face. Guddan goes to stop Alisha but first finds Saraswati tied up. When Guddan frees Alisha, she finds out that Alisha kidnapped the bride and took her place. Before they can stop the wedding Revathi and Parv knock them unconscious. Akshat finds Guddan and Saraswati and wakes them up. Guddan tells Akshat that Alisha is at the mandap and Akshat rushes to stop the wedding.

Tonight’s episode begins with Guddan (Kanika Mann) shouting that Alisha is behind the veil. But by that time the priest announces that the wedding is complete. Alisha removes the veil which shocks everyone. Alisha tells Guddan that she proved that India’s youngest mother-in-law couldn’t stop her from executing her plan. She challenges Guddan to be ready for the havoc that she will be creating in her and Akshat’s life. Alisha also tells them that she knew that everyone will make some quirky faces to learn about her wedding so she calls some people who enter the house playing the drums for celebration. Alisha herself starts playing the drums as she feels that she has already created tiffs in Guddan and Akshat’s life. She blames Akshat and Guddan for her wedding with the old man Vikrant. Alisha keeps playing drums in anger. Akshat gets very angry with Alisha. Guddan also tells Alisha that she has ruined her life to take her revenge. But Alisha tells them that she is getting punished as she is leaving with them under one roof.

Dadi explains Alisha about the incidence happened with Antara. Lakshmi, Akshat also tell Alisha that it was an accident. Alisha also claims that Akshat married to a young girl like Guddan so there is nothing wrong as she got married to an older man. Alisha keeps on bursting her anger. Parv and Revati are happy to see Alisha’s plan. Guddan tries to make Alisha understand that she got married to Akshat in some other circumstances. But Alisha is still ready to face anything to take revenge from Guddan and Akshat. She tells them that she tried a lot of things to separate Akshat and Guddan but she failed. Vikrant also gets very angry with Alisha. Alisha tells him that she will harass him the way she did with Sandhya. Vikrant asks for Sandhya. By that time Sandhya comes downstairs. She still feels dizzy. Sandhya asks her parents to call the police and get Alisha arrested. Akshat and Guddan again try to make Alisha understand the fact but Alisha refuses to listen to them.

Akshat refuses to accept Alisha’s wedding with Vikrant. Dadi also blames Alisha for being so shameless. While Dadi raises hand over Alisha, Revati intervenes and stops Dadi which shocks everyone. Guddan gets very angry with Revati. Revati asks Dadi why they cannot accept Alisha and Vikrant’s wedding when Guddan and Akshat’s wedding is considered pure. Guddan learns that Revati must be supporting Alisha. She bursts with anger on Revati. But Revati still supports Alisha and Vikrant’s wedding. Guddan tells Revati that she got married to Akshat to save her. Alisha asks all not to discuss anymore. Alisha also behaves shamelessly with Sandhya’s family and goes to her room. Saru is happy with the havoc created by Alisha. But Guddan and Akshat are very hurtful. After Alisha goes to her room, she seems to be very hurtful. She recollects the moments when she got married to Vikrant. Guddan comes there. She gets upset with Alisha for taking such drastic step to take her revenge. Guddan tries telling Alisha that she is her mother and she cares Alisha. But Alisha tells her that she is not her mother. Guddan tells Alisha that she will regret her decision later on.

Alisha blames Guddan for getting married to Akshat who is older than her and enjoying the ownership of such a huge property. Guddan again explains that she got married to Akshat to save Revati but what Alisha has done will ruin 3 lives including herself. Alisha tells Guddan that Akshat and Guddan’s life has been ruined. Guddan makes Alisha understand that she is too young to understand all the relations after wedding. Alisha still tells that she is ready to take such wrong steps to make Guddan and Akshat get into tears. She calls Guddan as her step mother and asks Guddan to leave from her room which hurts Guddan a lot. Stay tuned for more updates.