Best Hollywood Horror Movies Dubbed in Hindi list : Watch Horror Movies & Download Free

Best Hollywood Horror Movies Dubbed in Hindi list : Watch Horror Movies & Download Free

Hollywood is famous for its horror collection, especially in India. India is a land of spices, and the influence of the Western zings is such that horror movies in Hindi are quite popular on the web. Here are the top fifteen which you can watch on a cold, stormy night with hot popcorns and blankets around your heads.

1.The Ring:


The Ring watch in hindi Free : Hollywood horror movies dubbed in Hindi list

Another horror franchise, which made records for teenagers watching videotapes. The 2002 flick is also considered to have paved the way for many other Asian movies in the same genre such as ‘The Grudge’ and ‘Dark Water’.

2.   The Conjuring 1:

watch free Conjuring in Hindi

This James Wan directed 2013 supernatural horror hit broke records. The plot is based on renowned paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The dark presence in a secluded farmhouse is the best, albeit clichéd, movie ever. Read More:- October Kingsley

3.  The Conjuring 2: The first installment of the series was full of a variety of ghosts, but this one takes the scary to another level. The suspense is heavy and even Annabelle makes an appearance in the James Wan directed horror flick. The Hindi version is also great to watch in HD.

4.  Mama: This is probably the only horror movie, which will make you cry. And this is also the horror movie, which is not bound by the language in order to make an impact on the audience.

5. The woman in black: The Daniel Radcliffe starrer is a must watch. You know its horror when the spirit murders the kids. Add to that the expert direction of James Watkins and chilling moments in plenty- now you know why it’s on this list.

6.Drag me to hell: People who love to watch horror story with witches will find plenty of jump scares in this Sam Raimi directed flick. Taking curses to another level of hell, the ‘spook a blast’ for pushing your limits for survival is superb for watching.

7. Insidious: Perhaps the scariest franchise, which has maintained its standards throughout the years and trends, Insidious is true to its title. The free download is available for its Hindi dub and you don’t want to miss out on this if you love horror. The entire series has ace directors like James Wan (1-2), Leigh Whannell (3) and Adam Robitel (4).

8.  The Exorcist: This goes way before ‘The Conjuring’ series and the 1973 scare fest is a hit with all the shadows and different characters. The clash of two opposites is portrayed well by Merrin and Karras. The movie is adapted from a popular novel of the same title and director William Friedkin has done justice to the adaptation.  

9. The Omen:


The Omen watch in hindi Free : Hollywood horror movies dubbed in Hindi list

Kids can be scary too, in the really horrifying way. If you don’t believe me, catch up on ‘The Omen’ and then you’ll never forget the most angelic face of the son of Satan. Harvey Spencer Stephens was spectacular and Richard Donner’s direction received critic’s acclaim.

10. The Grudge: An American nurse and a ‘don’t go into that house’ plot is all too clichéd, right? Well, it can still be scary- in 2004 and now. The movie was such a hit that ‘The Grudge 2’ and ‘The Grudge 3’ followed with a lot of inspiration from the Japanese films: Ju-on.

11.The darkest hour – With Gary Oldman the movie is sure to seem real. The story of Winston Churchill can be so terrifying, that can be revealed by the movie itself.

12.One missed call – Directed by Eric Valette, this movie is a frightful tale of people receiving terrifying call from an unknown number regarding their date and time of deaths.

13.The walking dead – This thrilling and adult drama movie has everything that can attract even non-zombie lovers to it. Read more :

14.Oculus – It is a fine piece of chill giving movie with everything going on in the mirror. This masterpiece as a whole piece is reflected in the mirror and that is sure to increase the impact by tenfold.

15.  Fright night – For vampire lovers this movie has everything. It’s about blood sucking, sexy vampires, cute victims and lots of blood

16. Howl – Werewolf’s lovers can have their fill of suspense and mystery in this movie. The story revolves around group of train passengers, with train stuck in the middle of a jungle at midnight.

17. Train of dead – This is a ghost movie that revolves around five friends trapped in a passenger train. The movie gives you chill and can be seen on a lonely night.


18. Hansel & Gretel witch hunters – The fairy tale of our childhood has grown in this movie. The story moves forward from the time when Hansel and Gretel start a revolution against the witches of the world.

19. The uninvited – Emily Browning as Anna has portrayed the perfect face of actress of a horror movie troubled yet innocent. The movie being the remake of highest grossing Korean movie, ‘A tale of two sisters’ is a must watch.

20. Once again dark world – This movie seems to have an unusual theme but this Russian movie has a very promising beginning.

21.The hills have eyes: The horror of being trapped in a desert might never have been portrayed with the likes of inbred mutants from the hills. The movie is directed by Aja but another older version is also available online which was directed by Wes Craven. The plot is also interesting although the dramatic cannibalism might be redundant by the ending.

22. A Nightmare on Elm Street: Nightmares are obviously scary, but this flick took nightmares to the level where you would literally be scared of falling asleep. The 1984 slasher film is all about the butcher of your nightmares who was brought alive in our minds by the director Wes Craven.

23. The Evil Dead: This movie is also a relic of the previous century but it still sparks some cold shivers down the spine of all its viewers. If you like the techy and fancy effects in horror flicks, you might not be able to appreciate it completely. Even though Raimi’s venture was low budget unlike his other movies (Spiderman Trilogy), the movie was screened at the 1982 Canne’s.

24.   Poltergeist – The movie is all about angry ghosts trying to connect with people through a small girl.

25.The sixth sense – This movie is a receiver of number of positive reviews with people calling it a thinking person’s thriller, which is genuinely horror in every sense.

26. Room no.1408 – In all the Stephen King’s movies this film seems quite average but still it made to the highest grossing list with a haunted hotel room.

27. Annabelle – Conjuring fame Annabelle doll has always troubled us with its’ presence. The movie on Annabelle is really a scary one and revolves around a mother and daughter, with Annabelle doll in the center.

28.Silent Hill – Directed by Christophe Gans, it is a Canadian-French horror film that is an adoption of Konami’s video game series Silent Hill

29. Lights out– Directed by David F. Sandberg this is an American horror film is simple but in real term a true horror movie

30. Fingerprints– This horror movie again begins with a mental asylum and has a similarity to ‘the sixth sense and ‘Scream’. October Kingsley

31. REC] 2– this movie is for the zombie lovers to watch. It is the sequel of 2007 movie REC.

32. Mirrors :Directed by Alexander Aja in 2008 this movie tells about a family trapped in the evils of the mirror. The movie has Amy Smart, Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Patton who played well with the characters and made it really scary.

33.The cabin of woods: Directed by Drew Goddard this movie not only scared number of people but also was appreciated globally. The movie had Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, and Anna Hutchinson who with other two friends of their plan to go out on a break. What happens in the woods is something to watch out for.

34. Audrey Rose– Directed by Robert Wise this movie is an American psychological horror drama. With Anthony Hopkins one can expect great deal from the movie. This movie can be easily watched in HD.

35. The town that dreaded sundown– The story is based on a true story of the phantom killer from Texas. The movie has a lot of potential to give nightmares. 

36. Exit 14– The story revolves around four college friends who are haunted by store clerk. The ghost stories of the movie give you chills.

Thus, you can now enjoy some of your favorite classic Hollywood movies with Hindi dubbing. 

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