Fardeen Khan

“I’m old enough to know what I’m doing. It’s not that I do things without thinking. I broke the law, I got caught,
I paid the price for it but now I’ve got to move on.”
(Hindustan Times, June 15, 2001)

Fardeen KhanSon of actor and producer Feroze Khan, Fardeen is a relative newcomer whose performances have impressed women…er, make that ‘people’… everywhere. But he has also played a starring role in one of the biggest scandals to date.

    Arrested in 2001 by the Mumbai police for possession of 9 grams of cocaine, Fardeen has been quick to admit his mistake. Though he reportedly explained to friends that he used cocaine to handle the stress of his up-and-coming film career, he boldly shuns excuses when talking to the media: “We’re all old enough and smart enough to know what we’re doing. If you get caught, you get caught. If it was not today it could have been another day. That’s it.” (Hindustan Times, 6/15/01)

   Certainly the arrest has not impaired his love life. Since breaking off an engagement to longtime girlfriend Ruhin, he has been linked with several co-stars, most notably Amrita Arora, younger sister of Malika Arora, who is sister-in-law to Salman Khan.

Fardeen Khan
born: March 8, 1974
height: 6′

1998 Prem Aggan
2000 Jungle*
2001 Hum Ho Gaye Aapke
Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega
2001 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya*
2002 Kitne Door Kitne Paas
2002 Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein
2003 Khushi
2004 Dev
2004 Fida
2004 Janasheen
* acclaimed performance

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