Kumkum bhagya episode written

The Episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya to room. Pragya says my work needs to be done. Abhi says Purab will do. Pragya says until I am with you, I will not let anyone harm you, and will die before you. She says I love you so much. Abhi asks whose birthday is today? Pragya says whose birthday and says everyone have hidden it. She says she has met the guy whose birthday is today. Abhi asks whose birthday? Pragya says your birthday. She says I told you, but don’t tell anyone that Supriya is leaked. Abhi says what a lovely surprise. He says you didn’t wish me happy birthday. Pragya wishes him happy birthday with love, hugs and kiss. She shouts happy birthday and jumps on couch. Abhi says your birthday surprise was bulshit as I knew that today is my birthday and says he read Disha’s birthday on

her Adhaar card. He says when you lied then I also lied. He says he will teach a lesson to the losers. Pragya stops him and asks him to sit on her bike, and acts to ride the bike with Abhi sitting on back side. She then says she is tired. Purab detects the bomb in the bag with the bomb detector. He opens the box and sees bomb. He thinks someone wants to kill Abhi, and takes the bomb with him.

Abhi and Pragya spend some quality time talking to each other. Abhi asks her to answer his question. Pragya says if I am fuggi or Munni. Is qadar plays….Simonika and Sangram have wine in Abhi’s house. She says she is celebrating Diwali today. Sangram says we shall leave from here. Simonika says she will go from here before 30 seconds. Sangram thinks she wants to die, but I have to go with disha before. Simonika says she will tell him to take Disha before the bomb blast and says she understands how it feels to lose love. She tells that Disha shall be alive to do Mehra family 13th day mourning meet.

Pragya tells Abhi that she has to get down from the bike and asks Abhi to look in her eyes, keeps his hand on her heart and says you used to say that your geet is my dhadkan. He says you couldn’t identify you who learnt to live life from you and says this heart beat is of her who can’t leave with you, who loves you very much, and says she is his fuggi, chashmish, Pragya. They hug each other. Abhi is happy. Pragya signs him to smile. He smiles. Song plays,……Allah wariyan plays….Abhi makes her sleep on bed and kisses on her forehead. Purab comes there and asks Abhi to go as Dadi is calling him, but before wash his face. Abhi goes. Purab wakes up Pragya and asks her to come out.

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