Maasthi Gudi Review, Rating & 1st Day Collection – Kannada Movie

Maasthi Gudi Review, Rating & 1st Day Collection – Kannada Movie: Sandalwood superstar Duniya Vijay new movie has been released, The film has good story which is a good message to the society and the forest. The movie directed by Nagshekar, starring Duniya Vijay who is also credited for the film’s story, Kriti Kharbanda and Amulya in lead roles. The music is composed by Sadhu Kokila and the Cinematography is handled by Satya Hegde. Lets and Maasthi Gudi Review.

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Maasthi Gudi

Maasthi Gudi Review, Rating & 1st Day Collection

Maasthi Gudi Review, Rating (Kannada Film)


Maasthi Gudi is based on real-life incidents and Nagashekhar has infused elements like comedy and romance to the script to make it a pure commercial entertainer. The film is a semi-period film, apparently about protecting nature from the forces that try to make money at the cost of wild animals.

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Maasthi Gudi Reviews:

The readers can find the audience response below:

Shashiprasad S M: #Maasthigudi #interval Yet to start roaring..
#MaasthiGudi what is happening! God, Ghost, Tiger
#Maasthigudi finally ends with a sequel in the coming. Very disapointing. All hype but no real stuff

Priyanka: Done with #MaasthiGudi first half. Quite impressed by the story. Lets c what the film will offer in the second half.
Somewhat is missing in #MaasthiGudi. The second half could have handled better.
In spite of #DuniyaVijay’s strong performance, #MasthiGudi fails to hold ur attention. Overall, I give 2.5/5. Fans can watch it once.

D Rajesh: Duniya Vijay comes out with power-packed performance. #MaasthiGudi
#MaasthiGudi has a compelling story…..reminds Gandhadha Gudi and Mrugalaya. Love for animals, I say.
#MaasthiGudi turns out to be a decent entertainer. Climax dragged, but entertaining. MY rating: 3/5.

Maasthi Gudi 1st Day Collection – Kannada Movie

A plot which will make it easier to understand for the audience but a predictable story makes it a little bit boring. the movie is expected to earn average number of collection between 1 to 2 crore.

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