Top 10 best Movies and TV Series of Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing (Phạm Băng Băng) (09/16/1981) is a Chinese actress, singer, model, and film producer. In addition to her successful acting career, Fan Bingbing also achieve many awards as a model and a filmmaker. She was born and raised in Shandong and art runs the family, her father is a singer, her mother is a dancer. Fan Bingbing used to be considered as the most beautiful Asian actress 

As an actress, in order to become a popular actress, she would have had a variety of famous roles in many movies. Besides her stunning appearance, she is very talented in acting. She can really understand her characters and play very well. In other words, she can touch the audience’s hearts and get empathy. 

Now Fan Bingbing is not a young Johnny Raw, she has a certain place in the entertainment industry. Many people admire her beauty and call it “Permanent Beauty”.

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1.  The Empress of China (2014)

TV Drama: 69 episodes

The breath-taking beauty of Fan Bingbing in the historical TV Drama has been praised by the audience and it became a phenomenon in the public. Not only in China, but the craze also spreads throughout all over Asia in 2014. 

The film following the life of the main character who is inspired by a real woman in China history – Wu Zetian (played by Fan Bingbing). Entering the palace at the age of 14, from that time, a woman named  Wu Meiniang had to get used to the cold, lonely, competitive life there. Suffering the torment and torment of power, she stood up on her own feet to control such a situation. Gradually build a start for Wu Ruyi to take a step to become the Empress of China.

The role of Wu Zetian in the movie has made Fanbingbing’s name become one of the biggest stars and her beauty became a symbol of beauty in China. In other words, her pure melting face has won all of the fans’ hearts.

2.    I am Not Madame Bovary (2016)

In 2016, Fan Bingbing received tons of compliments from critics as well as the audience for her outstanding performance in this movie

The role also brought her the award for Best Leading Actress at an international film festival and the position of Best actress at Golden Horses Awards. With the fresh new appearance of Fan Bingbing in the movie, it is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular movies of Fan Bingbing.

In the movie, Fan Bingbing excellent incarnation into a rural woman. She was falsely accused of adultery and had to go to the capital to find justice. Her character has both emotional depth and “indulgent” appearance.

3.    Lost in Beijing (2007)

At the age of 26, Fan Bingbing shocked China when playing the role which is called “couldn’t be sexier”. This film is labeled 18+ because there are many hot scenes of “the beautiful actress”. In the film, the audience admires the amazing beauty of Fan Bingbing at the age considered to be the most beautiful. The film is highly regarded by professionals for its meaningful story and art.

Fan Bingbing played a peasant girl who travels to China’s capital to make a living. But ironically, she seemed to be lost in the chaos of urban life.

She played a character who is an ugly country girl, but the beauty of Fan Bingbing still “cannot be drowned”. This role helped her win the 2007 Best Actress Award at the Eurasian International Film Festival.

4.     X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Surely this was a “bomb” dropped out in 2014. Together, with The Empress of China, X-Men pushed the name of Fan Bingbing to a new level in the entertainment industry in China and also international.

The character Blink played by Fan Bingbing has the ability to teleport instantly by creating disturbances and space gaps.

Far from the usual image this movie will show you a completely different Fan Bingbing. Although her appearance in the film is not much, it was enough to make a difference, Fan Bingbing’s name has approached the audience worldwide.

5.   My Fair Princess (1997)

Drama: 112 episodes

This TV drama is also called Return of the Pearl Princess or Princess Returning Pearl. This is the TV series that made the names of many actresses such as Zhao Wei, Rubi Lin, and Fan Bingbing.

This is a film that helped Fanbingbing in the “teenage” age of 16 years old, which is paid attention by the Chinese public and the whole of Vietnam through the role of Jesus.

With this role, Fan Bingbing made a deep impression on the hearts of viewers who loved the drama at that time.

However, some sources said: Fan Bingbing dislikes the mention of her role as Jinsuo because she claimed that she lost the best character in the Drama which is Xia Ziwei to Rubi Lin. However, this is still the role and the movie, the great success of Fan Bingbing at a time when she was at such a young age.

6.       Buddha Mountain (2010)

This is an excellent movie by Fan Bingbing, Sylvia Chang, Chen Bolin playing main characters. It revolves around the rebellious life of a couple, narrating a story about, youth, love, and maturity. 

In the movie, Fan Bingbing and Chen Bolin are a very unique young couple. Both of them very hated their family life and university entrance exams (which is common in Asia), so they left their homes and went to the city to make a living.

Before the film’s official release in China in March 2011, in late 2010 Fan Bingbing won two awards at the Tokyo World Film Festival that are Best Artistic Dedication Award and The Best Actress.

7.      The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014)

For the first time cooperating, Fan Bingbing and “the husband of Angela Baby” – Huang Xiaoming reproduced the new version of the previous version.

The film is about the sad love story between Lian Nishang (played by Fan Bingbing) and Zhuo Yihang (played by Huang Xiaoming) 

However, the love story between them was opposed by Yihang’s master because they suspected that Nishang was the killer of Yihang’s grandfather.

After Nishang knowing that her lover had made a betrayal and got married, her beautiful long hair turned white after only one night.

The image of Fan Bingbing with her white hair has just created a cold, scary feeling but still radiates her sharp beauty.

8.       Skiptrace (2016)

Skiptrace 2016 is a collaboration between China-US with the participation of Jackie Chan, beautiful Fan Bingbing, and Johnny Knoxville. This is also one of Jackie Chan’s best movies.

The movie is the story of an inspector detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) rescues the beautiful Samantha Bai (Fan Bingbing) from a gangster.

The only person who has information to help Chan defeat the enemy is Connor Watts – a man who loves gambling, noisy, dissipated parties. The reluctant couple got into an “insane” adventure across China from the famous Mongolian mountain to the sandy hill of the Gobi desert.

Not as much time on screen as the main characters, but all the scenes that have the appearance of Fan Bingbing always make the audience’s eyes glued to the screen.

9.  The Matrimony (2007)

The Matrimony 2007 is a Chinese thriller directed by Hua-Tao Teng and starring Leon Lai, Fan Bingbing and Rene Liu.

In the movie, Fan Bingbing plays Xu Manali, but her character died from a traffic accident and later became a ghost returning to join her boyfriend’s new love affair.

Fan Bingbing looks different with her short hair in the movie. This is a rare horror movie by Fan Bingbing that will surely make the audience shudder to her.

In 2007, besides the hot movie Lost in Beijing, this is also a film that helped her win the Best Supporting Actress at Golden Horses Awards.

10.   My Way (2011)

The image of Fan Bingbing is not glamorous, gorgeous in luxurious costumes, in the movie My Way, Fan Bingbing plays an extremely rural character. Like the movie I am not Madame Bovary and Lost in Beijing, she still shows the beauty that is “can’t be hidden”.

My Way is a Korean psychological warfare film written, directed, and produced by Kang Je-Gyu.

The main actor and actress for this movie are Jang Dong-gun and Fan Bingbing.

Brief description: Fan Bingbing transforms into a Chinese girl, falling in love with Joon Sik (played by Jang Dong-Gun), which gives viewers a variety of emotions during the Nazis such as sensation, sadness, empathy and full of mercy in such circumstances.

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